About Just Right Staging


Brenda Sanchez, Owner & Designer

I have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. As an Investor and Realtor I successfully staged my own Listings for sale as well as staged my friends’ and family members’ homes, each with their own style and budgets. I started my own staging company not only because I love designing but also to help other realtors and their clients sell their listings and get the best value in the shortest time. 

I specialize in Soft Staging. This means that I soften the harsh feel of a vacant home by adding choice accent pieces along with accessories to create an inviting atmosphere for the buyers. This allows buyers’ the chance to imagine their own furnishings in the home while keeping the staging cost down for the sellers. The idea is to help the buyer fall in love with the home by triggering a warm and cozy feeling! 

I also work with sellers still living in their home to get it, ‘Sale Ready’. De-Cluttering, Cleaning, and De-Personalizing are essential in this process. Some clients need guidance with where and how to start that process. Many can feel overwhelmed by the idea of tackling it alone. The Consultations I do with sellers helps to clarify and demystify what needs to be done to create a ‘Sale Ready’ home. 

I am ready to assist Homeowners, Real Estate Agents and Investors transform their properties to provide them or their clients with the greatest return on their investments.